Who’ll be the new CSO at Jabong.com?

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Many people who find them being labelled as a compulsive shopper would relate perfectly with Becky Bloomwood, the shopaholic protagonist in the ‘Confessions of a Shopalic’ series of books and the movie of the same name. Here in India, fashion ecommerce player, Jabong, in its latest campaign, is also searching for the Indian Becky Bloomwood.

Jabong’s latest customer engagement activity, targeted at attracting greater audience to its portal and propelling their conversion into frequent buyers, was launched last week with the objective of bringing together shopping enthusiasts. The campaign will search for the craziest shopaholic and give him the title of the ‘Chief Shopping Officer (CSO)’ along with free shopping coupons worth Rs 5,00,000, valid for the next one year.

With no specific target audience, this month-long campaign will essentially seek to attract young shoppers, who only need to add the application to their shopping cart on Jabong to participate in this campaign. For the ecommerce player, this activity, besides creating greater traction will help create a loyal brand endorser, who can act as an influencer and pull others into making purchases on the portal.

In terms of the communication initiatives lined up for this campaign, Jabong will be doing a three pronged marketing strategy. The core marketing platform will remain digital since it doesn’t want to pursue a traditional, offline marketing mix for this specific campaign. In the first phase the brand will reach out to its customer base through its website and newsletters while the second phase will see marketing on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The brand is also planning to use other websites like high-end job portals for spreading awareness about this activity. Moreover, since it is currently using owned media for driving connect and awareness, there have been no spends until now for marketing and communication.

Manu Kumar Jain, Co-founder, Jabong.com

Manu Kumar Jain, Co-founder, Jabong.com

According to Manu Kumar Jain, Founder and Managing Director at Jabong, this is a unique idea and the company is hopeful of establishing it as a property that can happen year after year.

However, at a time when there is a deluge of e-commerce players in the market, with very little differentiation especially in case of fashion e-tailing, players need to build innovative marketing and communication plans and think out of the box. Jain, while agreeing on the need for differentiated offerings, is of the opinion that the assortment of brands available on Jabong and the quality of service are the core distinguishing factors for the brand.

In campaign related terms, he went on to add that among the various offers on the website during the festive season, there was also a ‘Splurge’ campaign, which gave away vouchers of limited time duration to shoppers, who purchased beyond a stipulated time limited. Jain did not divulge any details on the unique visitors to the site post the activity.

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