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Foraying into the eBook category, Flipkart.com has brought over one lakh books to the Indian consumer. Flipkart.com’s digital store Flyte claims to have a rich selection of books with attractive prices, which can be bought and read on the mobile devices. The eBooks purchased by the readers on Flyte can only be read through the Flyte eBooks app which is currently available on Android Operating Systems and will be soon evinced for Windows 8. In its quest to draw the consumers to use eBooks, Flyte is pegging the price at Rs 30 for starters and is providing 4,000 free titles.

Ravi Vora, SVP, Marketing, Flipkart says that eBooks is a logical progression in Flipkart’s plan to be India’s online mega-store. “With music, we started with something that Indians are familiar with, from a digital goods perspective. With eBooks we’re upping the ante by entering into a new space,” he says.

Flipkart.com claims to be one of the largest e-commerce brands in India and has been in business since 2007. It has 16 plus categories and also claims to be the only Indian e-commerce brand with a digital book store now with the launch of Flyte.

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