Will you ‘bet’ on confused positionings?

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Sometimes, the product and the positioning is perfect, the script and the environment is also perfect but the commercial just does not fit the above categories. Brands try to be as cocky and humdinger as possible and canonise their image to pull the consumers. Fortunately or lamentably the customers also get moved by it. For example, people find Anushka Sharma to be out of this world, but is that the only value proposition that Canon brings forth this Diwali clicking pictures of ladies getting ready being called ‘phooljadis’, ‘patakas’, fat guys ‘ladoos’, ‘poker faces, joker faces’ etc? All I can say is, ‘hope not!’ And along with this I have brought to your notice some more intriguing commercials.

Bourbon gone for a toss?
Just imagine the Indian Cricket Team standing on the pitch with Pakistan. Nobody’s belly aches to miss the toss but is usually exasperated about the upshot. It seems the viewers don’t miss much. What they need to do is watch the new TVC by Parle Hide and Seek Bourbon. Well the same toss theory follows; two girls on a hike split the Bourbon biscuit to see which side is the chocolate, left or right and what follows is even more intriguing. Seems Bourbon lets the young trekkers uncover if they need to go around a small rock from the left or right. The other TVC is maybe for all shoppers, it helps them abdicate the notion of choice. Just split the Bourbon and see which side is the chocolate filling and amazingly in the commercial, it’s stuck on both the sides, hence, both the options. ‘Toss toh sirf bahana hai Bourbon jo khaana hai’ is the punch-line. This reminds me of two-face Harvey Dent from Dark Knight (Batman). It would have been phantasmal if the brand showed an operation theatre. I hope the cricket team wouldn’t have to go through the second TVC or well be having 1971 all over again.

Make faces and dance
You see localisation at its peak when you come across the new Windows 8 commercial. And this is what Hip-Hop cum Contemporary Jazz cum Street Dance has come to. A guy and a girl dancing and pushing the various screens provided by W8 in a window. I can deal with that. But the epiphany arrives as the song starts. At first it sounds like ‘Kyu darta hai tu yaar mujhpe daag lagaa’ but is actually ‘davv lagaa’. Well sad news for W8, if it wasn’t the latter, ‘daag lag chukka’ now probably W8 would have to acquire Surf Excel ‘daag acchey hain.’

Anyway, moving on to the details, is Windows endorsing HP? Because the laptop in the first scene is surely not Dell or Apple and if the commercial is localised, then why are the other images and people showed in screenshots of foreign origin except the map that shows Patel road? And that too from Bing… I get the point that W8 is compatible with any device, be it mobile or not, but what is with the girl’s pout and the guy’s flabbergasted look throughout the dance? Well it maybe defines multi tasking. One can make faces while dancing, I think that is what the W8 positioning is too, work play together.

To show your affection, give a gadget
The saints and elders of yore were right, we are moving into a materialistic world. At least that is what is portrayed by the two latest ads of DigiWorld. Buy stuff to build relationships. And it is also an eye opener for those who want a new phone. Sit with your outdated phone in front of your friends when they confabulate new models and walk out for a call. Incontestably they will get the hint and get you a new phone from DigiWorld, because it cannot be an important call. Well I say next time hand them the contact details and the brochure of the store before you walk out, now since the iPhone5 is out you can circle your selection while moving out. The second TVC shows an old man haggled between his cricket match and his children’s ‘saas-bahu’ serial, eventually the youngest generation of the family a.k.a the grand children notice the disappointment on his face and get him a big flatscreen TV for watching his matches. Well I envy the kids, because at that age I did not have Rs 50,000 coming back from school to buy my grandparent a flatscreen TV. I suppose DigiWorld gives you that advantage.

An e-commerce site that does it for you
What does Ebay teach us? Don’t get too close to the ‘chacha’ coming from USA but go for! This is because just like the ‘Amreekan chacha’ ebay will get you the latest DSLR camera at a cheaper price. There was something about ‘sacrifice’ too; told to the husband by the wife. Doesn’t she like her own ‘chacha’? Seems everybody in the family is in love with ebay, more than the ‘chacha’. Who do I feel bad for? Of course not for the ‘chacha’. The second TVC brings forth the mind on the Indian consumer, this is really for those who are planning to buy the latest iPhone5. Wait for the iPhone6 so that the prices for iPhone5 drop and then buy it. Or just go to ebay… Apparently ebay is like iron in the fire, latest phones have ‘best deals’ and ‘ebay guarantee’ on them. I think most of the vendors will have to close shop because in India, everyone knows how to bargain. What could be better if an e-commerce website does it for you.

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