Campus Diary: From Press Conferences to Gangnam Style

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One moment I was at Pitch fishing for stories, chasing CMOs for quotes, tracking latest marketing happenings and then in a blink, I was sitting in a classroom being taught marketing. The tables did turn, but not that drastically I would say.

I am at MICA now studying marketing and communications. When I started my course here, I definitely missed the dynamism of journalism, that adrenaline rush right after submitting your story at deadline, the kick of coming up with a unique peg for a story. But then the MICA culture got to me and now I know, I’m addicted.

I have got an opportunity to look at marketing through a different lens and this lens is equivalent to madness, creativity and innovation. MICA is a small world in itself. The rules of normalcy do not apply here. No one sleeps here, it’s true. Something or the other follows the regular classroom schedule and everything, somehow, gets connected to marketing. What one learns in class gets extrapolated to crazy ‘experiments’ and activities which actually turn out to be learnings.

The Gangnam Style rage
It started with one room playing this song in loop day in and day out. Suddenly, the entire campus was dancing to the tunes of Gangnam Style. My batch even went to the extent of dressing up in formals, putting glares and dancing to this song in the courtyard. We soon realised that it was the most viewed video on Youtube. What followed was an intense discussion on what made this song click, how it got viral despite no one understanding what the lyrics actually meant.

From random theories to marketing fundas, everything was applied to understand the phenomenon that Psy had become. Just left us feeling a shade smarter if not more!

The entrepreneurial spirit
Every college student yearns for some extra income. Usually, students participate in competitions to do so, but at MICA, students have an inherent entrepreneurial streak. From making cupcakes to painting T-shirts, they do real cool stuff to earn those extra bucks. In the process, they end up applying the concepts of branding, pricing and positioning that they learnt in class. Infact, looking at them sometimes is more of a learning than classroom lectures themselves!

The Purple Cows and the BCGs
Oh yes, I’ve picked up some jargon as well. While as a journalist, my task was to simplify concepts, I realised at MICA, that jargon is important too. Not just to flaunt (well, one can always use it for that purpose) but also to understand the thought that went into the coming up of those concepts. These concepts most of the times are interesting stories that we end up discussing at length.

There are times when I feel that ‘theory’ and ‘reality’ do not match up, but then I guess it is the process of knowing that is important. One needs to know ‘theory’ even to defy it.

While at Pitch I observed, wrote and learnt, here I am learning by doing. The assignments, the lectures and even the regular chit chat sessions with friends, they all tend to open some or the other window of one’s mind. The environment of the place is conducive to learning. I feel that it is this process that is challenging me, placing me out of my comfort zone and pushing me to explore my own potential.

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