Our mobile marketing includes geo-fencing in specific retail areas: Suvodeep Das

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Suvodeep Das

Suvodeep Das, Head, Marketing, Kaya Skin Clinic,

In an exclusive interview with Pitch, Suvodeep Das, Head Marketing at Kaya Skin Clinic, talks about how his company is using the mobile platform as a marketing and advertising tool. Das points out that with the passage of time, the company’s target audience is getting younger and there is the realisation that the best way to reach them is via mobile. Some of the brand’s endeavours to create connect through mobile include geo-fencing to target customers in specific retail catchment areas where the clinics are present and targeted advertising.

However, highlighting the challenges that Kaya faces in mobile marketing, Das says that being a niche brand with a small retail footprint results in the brand incurring significant media wastage. As a result, the company is increasingly looking at digital media. Das goes ahead to add that Kaya spends a far higher percentage of money on digital and mobile than most other marketers. To know more, watch exclusive video below


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