Bakwaas Marketing of the Week: Aircel’s over friendly buddy, Hide & Seek’s cheap dating tricks and more

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What is the point of an advertisement? To show how convoluted the topics can get? Or viewers actually using their minds to figure out what were the messages relayed through the idiot box? It is true when we say marketers are a tough nut to crack, seems the commercials are even tougher.

Stalkers on a prowl with Aircel
Ever have the feeling that you’re being eyeballed all the time? Well if it is so, then you must have an Aircel Pocket Buddy connection. The new-fangled TVC of Aircel, unfortunately lets out its cloak-and-dagger about how the connection can extirpate privacy. Well those who have this connection really must adore their friends or whoever they want to stay in touch with 24×7. Does the muddled jingle really make sense? ‘Life mein, bas me and you.. that’s what I really want to do’? I suppose, commercials are supposed to be rosy. More so, people can talk inside swimming pools using telepathy and the words they rap, appears above their heads in blue fonts. Nevertheless, what I found interesting was the motorbike; there is just one word to define it – ‘omnipresence’, if a bike can get into a library, a bath-tub, on top of a diving plank, I think there should be a separate commercial made on it. Just a suggestion, maybe it will probably sell more than a network tariff card. Who knows, I seem to believe in anything after hearing the punch line to the campaign ‘Aircel ke pocket buddy ke saath, bhaut kuch limitless hai’.

From leather to feather head
I had no clue that ‘the power of real leather’ could make you run as well as fly. Seems the Red Chief commercial featuring Virat Kohli and some skinny Fabio Lanzoni (Italian Fashion model) look alike really get the viewers befuddled about ‘kaun bhagaa raha hai’ and ‘kaun bhaag raha hai’. Red Chief ought to sit down with a dictionary and find the difference between jumping off a building and flying.

Notwithstanding, I have a newsflash for Red Chief, beware of Red Bull who might just inculpate the connection between red and flying. Just to be clear, what is the underlying principle behind calling Virat Kohli Chief? And after the whole exercise of scampering around town, pulling of matrix stunts on doors, stepping over fat bellies and jumping off buildings to do with ‘thinking on your feet’? Does Red Chief on your feet make you egg-headed? The nonpareil part of the entire commercial is the sentence written with the tiny font size below the screen, ‘stunts shown are being performed by experts, please do not imitate’, which makes me say that’s right Sherlock, who made Kohli a stunt-man? Wasn’t he a Cricketer? One thing is for sure, poor skinny Fabio had to go through a lot of beating to see this commercial hit the screens.

Do butterflies and modular switches have a link?
If you want to explain to your little kid how two things don’t match, or what is the meaning of ‘disconnect’ you can show him the new Roma Switches, Anchor Panasonic Commercial. The creative agency must have been surmising that one must think of a number and just say that ‘ issey zyaada toh roma switches biktey hain india mein har saal’.

Butterflies and switches, at least we know one thing that we can connect to in the ad; the guide’s accent in the safari costume and the accent of a certain politician of foreign origin in the Indian government. I’d say it’s an ad that increases a person’s erudition, the tourist knows the brand’s market share and the viewers know that 2.65 crore ‘red admiral butterfly species’ exist in that tropical jungle. What I love about the ad? The look on the lady’s face; perplexed and in a stew about the tourist. The ad claims Roma to be the largest selling modular switch. Well if you think about it, is that a good thing or a bad thing, maybe time will tell or some tourist will.

No more a coffee date, but a biscuit date
To all those boys and men who are aspiring to ask a girl out for coffee, Parle has an answer for you. Cost efficient, light and handy. It’s Parle’s substitute for coffee, the new Hide & Seek Cafe Mocha biscuits. Seems you don’t have to take them out to an expensive joint after all. What does the TVC teach young boys? How one can be persistent and unctuous if you have one of these in your pockets. Hide & Seek has always positioned itself as a female magnet in its TVCs, even when Hrithik Roshan was the endorser. ‘A coffee she just can’t refuse’, what is so special about this product and why do both the boy and girl in the TVC close their eye while eating the biscuit? Does the coffee experience really have to be imagined with the eyes closed? Well, best of luck to all the men with this idea and the prospective coffee dates. Finally someone is cashing in on the Bengali style of ‘eating’ drinks (khachhey).

In pursuit of happiness?
Dear members of the opposite sex, to buy a diamond ring, you have to buy a car first. Not just a car per se but the Maruti Ritz. The new campaign positioning of ‘Joy Inside’ shows a lady waiting for the right moment to ask her husband for a diamond ring and she finds the opportunity when the couple is inside the Maruti Ritz. Seems without the diamond ring and the existence alfresco, there is no joy outside the Ritz. The right atmosphere, ‘perfect timing’ and the observation wherewithal increases inside the car, where the husband can notice while driving that his wife’s ring is missing, needless to say his concentration is at its peak. The ad also insinuates that people who own the Ritz also become opulent while they are on a random drive so that they can just pick up a diamond ring on the move. Well if not to you that will definitely give me the ‘Joy Inside’ and maybe it also does to the characters of the TVC.

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