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Sanjay Maheshwary, Head of Marketing, Mobile Communication, LG India

Today’s smartphones seem to have stepped out of some Sci-Fi movie that had us utterly fascinated as kids. The sleek, upgraded and uber-glamorous phones of today are distant cousins of the boxy phones of the former years which considered its ability to send text messages a luxury.  Multi-tasking is no longer a talent but a way of life today. With our smartphones, we can hold a conference call with our client, while pointing out the grammatical errors in our friend’s Facebook status and simultaneously mail a reply to our bosses as to why the assignment was not submitted on time. Apps like Google maps can help us find our way out of a jungle while Calorie Counter can persuade us not to eat that delicious calorie-packed pastry.

Mobile phones truly have come a long way and have even further to go. Every year some new technology is being invented. While dual core processors made the rounds last year, 2012 will see the rise of quad core processors. The upcoming hi-tech phones of 2012 will surely have quad core processors, along with several other new features. Near Field Communication is another technology that is all set to take off this year. It’s a new radio based technology that allows devices to communicate seamlessly when brought into close proximity with another device. It can help our phone turn into a contactless bank card and thus change our perception of mobile phones all over again. Cloud gaming, which offers a high fidelity and immersive gaming experience on any device, will be another big thing this year. Most phones today have GPS enabled search engines which not only helps us find the best restaurants in the town but also the best restaurants nearest to our homes.

The smartphones of today are the ultimate gadgets, they are everything useful rolled into one. A lot of broad trends are sweeping through the world of smartphones currently. Most of the companies are upping their game by adopting phones with professional lenses and cameras with high resolution. Any mobile event, meet or even any mobile-technology article worth reading would have the words ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ thrown in it somewhere. Irrespective of how deep people’s understanding of the term is, it smells of something ‘new’ and therefore is desirable. Google’s latest Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, if you please, is the embellished and upgraded version of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). It is designed to unify the apps on Android phones and offers easy multitasking and customizable home screens, amongst others. The screen of the smartphones too seems to be growing bigger, with some companies stretching it up to an insane 5.2”, blurring the lines between a tablet and a phone.

Augmented Reality is another technology that has been around for some time but has not gone viral yet. The idea behind this technology is to combine a live feed of an object with real time data, generated by the device, in this case, the smartphone. With this technology, pointing your phone to a, say, building will give you complete details of the building, like the name of the building, if it is a commercial building or residential, the number of residents in the building and their names. Some new smartphones are also completely water proof, and the companies go to great lengths to advertise the same. This is the one feature we can all be thankful for; losing my pricey smartphone to water is not my idea of fun.

Ten or fifteen years ago our present dependency on our smartphones would have seemed rather foolish. Indeed, the daily dependency on our phones is growing, aided by the flood of innovative technologies promising us a better life. And a better life it is, where we can book our flight tickets online, use mobile banking to transfer funds and watch a repeat of that interesting episode on our phones. The flood of emerging technology is so great that it is difficult for mobile makers to include all the features in one device. Therefore, most companies try and specialize in one technology while including as many other features as they can.

What is remarkable about the tremendous leap in mobile technology is that though the features of the phone are rocketing up, the devices itself are increasingly becoming slimmer and more stylish. Smartphones are still evolving and their umpteen features too are becoming more refined and advanced. By the time we do reach that perfectly smart smartphone, it will be something the Star Trek movies would yearn for.

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