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    McDowell’s No 1 to strengthen market share with new variants

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    United Spirit’s McDowell’s No 1 is all set to consolidate its market presence in the Indian whisky market on the back of new launches, celebrity brand endorsements and promoting the concept of friendship in its communication strategy. It has for the first time, in a span of 40 years of the whisky brand’s existence, signed…

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    Lipton Ice Tea strengthens presence in metros; taps Twitter

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    Lipton Ice Tea has tapped the social media platform for a fight against stress in Mumbai. A campaign called LOL (Laugh Out with Lipton) targeted Twitter for stress-filled or complaining tweets from the city. After finding where the tweet originated from, a gift was delivered on behalf of Lipton Ice Tea to the person who…

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    Looking ‘FarInto’ unexplored tourist spots

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    Those days are passé when one would rummage through travel guide books and frequent travel operator’s offices for travel tips, advice, and bookings before embarking on a holiday. With a bevy of travel booking sites, travel enthusiasts have found a new travel guide. FarInto is one such latest start-up in the online social travel space…


    Smartphone penetration helps Nimbuzz clock 1.7 crore users in India

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    With the market share of smartphones expected to grow from 2.3 per cent to a whopping 9.3 per cent by 2016, India is on its way to join the Top Five markets for smartphone shipments in the next four years, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). The growing number of smartphone devices and hence, mobile…

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    An open letter to hard working brands

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    Dear Overworked Brand, What’s up? Last I heard from you was, a minute back. You sent me an SMS asking me for feedback. Sorry, I couldn’t reply to that. Here, I hope I’ll make it up by writing to you directly. So, is everything okay? You seem lonely and desperate. What’s going on with that…

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    ‘Cappuccino is still the largest selling coffee variant’

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    Nilanjan, Bhattacharya, COO & Director, India and SAARC, Barista Lavazza, talks about the changing tastes of the youth of India and how the coffee culture has evolved in the country: Do you see a change in the consumer behaviour of youth in the last one to two years? The youth of India is well informed…

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    Quick 10: Nili Zur on youth of India

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    Nili Zur, General Manager (Beverages), Nestle India, takes a ‘Quick 10’ on her views about the youth of India and her understanding of youth: 1. Is there a change in consumer behaviour of youth in the last one to two years? The Indian youth is increasingly becoming very confident, and extremely keen to follow their…

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    The art of changing perceptions

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    “Brand value is very much like an onion. It has layers and a core. The core is the user who will stick with you until the very end.”      -Edwin Artzt Perception and the consumers’ experience with the brand is the main driving point of any brand’s existence and the key to both creating and sustaining…

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    BMW hits a six on social media; crosses 10 lakh fan base

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    Luxury automobile brand, BMW, recently crossed the 10 lakh mark on Facebook. The Facebook page recorded over 10,67,327 likes  with over 2,01,814 people talking about the brand. Moreover, Sachin Tendulkar became the one millionth follower on the BMW India Facebook page. With this feat, BMW claims to be the first luxury car brand to cross…

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    Coca Cola charges up rural beverages market

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    Imagine selling a beverage in a market where there is no power supply. The result could be disastrous for the marketer as sales would not pick up, no matter how advanced the consumer mindset is. Such is the case with India’s rural markets, where erratic power supply and low technological developments have hindered the growth…