McDonald’s goes ‘Egg’static with new menu

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After spicing up its menu, which has witnessed consistent revisions to suit the Indian palate, McDonald’s India is continuing its efforts to make Indians feel at home with the brand. This time, the McEgg follows the innovation suit and has been created for the growing category of ‘eggetarian’ consumers. It was launched on August 1st, 2012, to specifically cater to a category, which would indulge in an egg, but not necessarily eat non vegetarian food. Moreover, the company has added an Indian touch to the new offering with vegetarian mayonnaise and Indian herbs and spices.

The breakfast menu at McDonald’s also serves the Egg and Cheese McMuffin, which sits on a similar platter when it comes to pitching egg as the core ingredient. However, the distinction is intended to be drawn between the two offerings since the McEgg is served only beyond breakfast hours to address the taste and dietary preferences of customers who consume egg on a regular basis, according to Rajesh Maini, General Manager, Corporate Communication for McDonald’s India (North & East). “While, we have vegetarian and non-vegetarian protein products on our menu, egg as a source of protein was missing from our regular menu,” adds Maini.

Rajesh Maini

Rajesh Maini, General Manager, Corporate Communication, McDonald’s India

To accelerate and build buzz around the launch of this offering, the social media platforms of McDonald’s India, are brimming with content hinged on the ‘Bad Egg Joke’ theme. The television commercial, conceptualised by Leo Burnett echoes the ‘pakaak’ (cackling sound), which is meant to highlight the product being as close to the nutrient ingenuity as it gets. “We used print particularly during weekends and festivals when people prefer eating out with families. To enhance visibility, we have used outdoors across all the cities and highways where McDonald’s is located along with shop fronts and standees inside the restaurants that leads to McEgg recall,” says Maini, while detailing the communication mix designed for the McEgg.

Besides this, in select malls in Delhi and NCR, there have been some interesting BTL activations with high sized standees and eye catching outfits like a hatch unipole, which descriptively show the sandwich emerging out of hatched egg along with clarity in communication of its incorporation in the Happy Price Menu. The tray mats inside the restaurant, which are probably the most active customer touch point after the menu, have also been designed to emphasise the price point as well as the nutritional supremacy of the product.

Further, keeping true to its ‘Indianisation’ endeavour and the constant stress on localisation, for states like West Bengal, all the communication has been in Bengali. “Going regional, in Punjab we have partnered with the cinemas where our restaurants are located that helps us achieve product trail,” adds Maini. He also confirms that along with introducing locally developed products; McDonald’s will keep pace and roll out products from international markets too which would be relevant to the Indian palate.

McDonald’s India is hosting the diversity in Indian tastes and preferences magnificently well. However, the contention with the McEgg is that even though it might not be competing with its own variant in the breakfast menu, but priced at Rs 25, it could be pegged against the regular Anda Bread, which is also available at a price point of possibly a greater value.

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