Google, Apple and Microsoft to protect Indian homes

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Players in the home automation business have been in India for the past three to four years, but have not been able to come out with a strategy to deliver a comprehensive product. In addition, most of the brands exist largely in the B2B segment. To fill this gap and cater to the B2C segment, Smart Automation has stepped into the scene with a remote-control free solution. Now consumers can monitor their homes on their Smartphones, from anywhere around the world. The company has tied up with Google, Apple and Microsoft and plans to roll out its automation service on these platforms.

According to CP Singh, Founder and Chief Mentor, Smart Automation, the company has a motto to eliminate remotes from the consumers’ life. “Consumers have a lot of gadgets that they use, which are interconnected and have a hard time searching for the right remote. We are bringing all those remotes into your Smartphone and you can operate all those devices from one device.”

Moreover, the company claims to give solutions to consumers for saving energy by cutting down on their electricity bills and help them keep control of their homes or buildings from anywhere in the globe. The other advantage is security, where the consumers can see and monitor their house whether it is a fire alert or a break-in alert or any old parent needs attention. This service is available for homes as well as buildings.

Commenting on competition, Singh says, “Other companies in their silos have not been able to create a dent in the automation space because they do not have a complete solution for home automation. In order to complete the solution, brands and consumers’ wish list should be integrated. Therefore, the products are picked up from various brands and integrated according to the end consumer.”

The prime competitors Honeywell and Schnider, according to Singh pick up large scale businesses instead of B2C projects. “Therefore, we are a unique company working with various brands to offer a solution in the economical range, hence, uniquely positioning the brand in the B2C category.”


CP Singh, Founder and Chief Mentor, SMART Automation

Smart automation has segmented itself to cater to three categories namely high income, where it is working with brands such as Delta and Leapfrog. It is working with Honeywell, L&T, Schneider, Control4, which cater to the upper middle class; and it also has a product range called the DIY (do it yourself), which can be picked up from its e-store and installed by the consumer.

The pricing depends on the brand and features that the consumer chooses. For instance, a typical product as simple as switching on three-four lights  starts from Rs 7,000 and can go up to Rs 1.5 lakh. The automation service is only electronic and digital in nature, and aims at reducing the manpower and physical security.

The company is apprehensive about sharing its market share as it has not yet completed a full year since launch. Last year’s automation market was pegged at around Rs 80 crore, according to the company’s Founder. “We don’t have any aggressive targets for year one because this year we are trying to evangelise and educate the stakeholders in this industry,” he adds. The stakeholders of the company include interior designers, architects real estate companies and government organisations.   The company is currently conducting a lot of road shows to educate the community and from next year is determined to capture a profitable market share.

Singh says that digital marketing is Smart’s strong point since the customers who opt for this product are tech and digital savvy. “We are very active in digital marketing we already have 25,000 fans on our Facebook page, we will be doing a  lot of offline road shows in  and around various cities and we will be going in for radio and TV covering mass media soon,” divulges Singh.

In terms of reach, the company is present in tier two and three cities like Chandigarh, Mohall and Panchklula where it sees potential. According to its marketing strategy, the company will firstly focus and cover North Indian cities and then move to South and West.

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