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Head-Telesales (Tata Teleservices Limited)

Head – Telesales (Tata Teleservices)

The din of vegetable vendors hawking aloud was raising the typical cacophony as is the wont of a bi-weekly bazaar. Shrill shouts mingled with a “dhinchak” loudspeaker, blaring out a Bhojpuri remix to entice the weary worker coming back from his site. It is peak business time for the vegetable sellers, though the clock has already turned right angle and the moon is shining brightly.

Prices would be uniform and stay firm all across for some time more and as the wrap up time approaches all sorts of innovations would do the rounds. Attention seeking is the name of the game now and would rise up to a crescendo, taking care of AIDA [Attention, Interest, Desire & Action].

One can hear head turners like “whose Rs 100 note has fallen here”? Or an even better “Katrina is lying here”? Almost immediately, some quick rustle happens and the counter gets chock-a-block. If white collared marketers think that only they can dream up novelty and dish out compelling taglines then these street smart sellers can turn things on their head. Sample this-“Red like Hema’s cheeks” Er… the guy is only trying to sell tomatoes! Product virtues and shapes are also taken good care of- what with stunners like “Bade-Bade” or “Meethey” like Mallika’s. Oh, the chap is just selling big and sweet musk melons!

Welcome to the world of Desi Style Marketing.

Cut to a state run insurer’s premium payment counter, Desi Marketing seems to have taken over here as well. All premium receipts above rupees Ten thousand are promptly entered in a private register by the teller. Indifferent and on the brink of callousness with almost all customers the person transforms into an epitome of politeness and customer friendliness, oh so immediately, on sighting a heavy wallet patron. Wondering, what the connect is? Anyone paying above ten thousand is definitely a high net worth individual [HNI] so that HNI is amenable to a lot of other financial products like Bank FDs, more policies (from private insurers), Mutual Funds et al. So a database is being prepared by that teller to help his/her relative, friend or husband to upsell and profiteer. If the person submitting the insurance premium happens to be a representative then further probing is done to zero in on the actual HNI’s whereabouts. Sales Need probing? SPANCO are you listening?

The Desi Marketing stuff has pervaded the online space as well. One comes across personalized email messages with alluring subject lines cavorting immediate friendship and further possibilities. On opening the mail body you may be a tad disappointed to see the links leading you on to a matrimonial website, a la jeevansathi.com or shaadi.com. What seemed like a date and mate proposition eventually turns out to be ‘a not so horny’ fare. So, if one has already tied the nuptial knot or about to do so, the fun on the sly ends there itself but even if 1% of the gullible gentry actually go ahead and register on the website and further 1% actually tie the knot, the revenue implications for that matrimonial service would be in millions. That, Sex sells is an adage well known to our Desi Style Marketers.

On a sober note, there are several learnings that can be imbibed from this style of marketing. Localization, Innovation and Compelling Communication are some big ticket pointers, to name a few.

Here’s hoping that someone out there would eke out a book on this, from our very desi marketplace!

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