Quick 10: Nili Zur on youth of India

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Nili Zur

Nili Zur, General Manager (Beverages), Nestle India

Nili Zur, General Manager (Beverages), Nestle India, takes a ‘Quick 10’ on her views about the youth of India and her understanding of youth:

1. Is there a change in consumer behaviour of youth in the last one to two years?
The Indian youth is increasingly becoming very confident, and extremely keen to follow their passions and make a mark for themselves. They know what they want and will work very hard to achieve their goals. This is noticeable in the consumption of coffee also where the youth has started to develop an appreciation for coffee. Their desire to try out the finer things in life and the burgeoning café culture are leading to this marked change in the beverage choice for the youth.While Nescafe has always been an iconic brand we have understood this changing consumer behavior and have been able to connect with them through communication that uses young contemporary ambassadors and an appealing story line. Nescafe and coffee drinking is becoming relevant in their lives and has led to increased consumption in this segment.

2. What are the platforms besides the obvious digital media that Nescafe is using to target youth?
We consider ‘Digital’ to be a very exciting medium, especially when it comes to connecting with the youth. We have already made a beginning in Digital with our very successful Facebook page ‘ know-your-neighbours’ and will continue to create initiatives of consumer interest on this medium. At the same time, since personal exchanges play a very significant role in creating more intimate and lasting experiences we will continue to emphasise on-ground interactions. The Café Nescafe hubs in colleges are an example of this presence in Colleges.

3. How do you see the youth in smaller towns and rural vis-à-vis the ones in the metro. How important are they and how are you as a marketer looking at them?
The metro youth has access to a more modern lifestyle but the lifestyle for the youth in smaller towns is also essentially aspirational. They are both very significant. We now factor in for this and try to ensure that our communication is more universal and not layered with references that would limit it to an urban context. The story needs to be equally relatable, no matter where you are based, since our distribution system is already reaching our coffee products to consumers across different market.

4. What have been Nescafe’s key marketing initiatives in the past one year to lure the younger generation?
All our initiatives have focused on two basic objectives. One is to continuously innovate and renovate to increase consumer delight and the other is to connect more effectively with the youth.

5. How do you see the youth (in 148 characters)?
I think youth is a state of mind. It is the summation of your talents, your passions and your creativity in a manner that they together to push you to your purpose.

6. Your favourite youth brand?

7. Your favourite Youth Icon?
In India it is Deepika Padukone.

8. Your favourite book or portal on youth?
Facebook is universal, I guess!

9. Your favourite campaign of a youth brand (excluding Nescafe)?
Fastrack has been remarkable in their execution; Red Bull is amazing at on-ground activations.

10. Your last Tweet and Twitter handle?
I don’t really get time to Tweet.

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