Take 8: Dr Venki Padmanabhan of Royal Enfield on youth

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Dr Venki Padmanaban, CEO, Royal Enfield

Dr Venki Padmanabhan, CEO, Royal Enfield

Dr Venki Padmanabhan, CEO, Royal Enfield answers quick eight questions on today’s youth and his understanding of youth

1. Is there a change in consumer behavior of youth as compared to last year or the year before?
The Indian youth is constantly evolving and demanding better products. We are just learning to listen to them better.

2. What are the platforms besides the obvious digital media that you are using to target the youth?
As you know, Royal Enfield has a very unconventional marketing approach which is very little of the traditional media. Our Mantra is “Keep Riding”; which means we have our 8 marquee rides, including the legendary Himalayan Odyssey that we just recently concluded the 9th edition of.  Our 200 odd dealerships take customers: current and prospective as well as casual enquirers on half day, full day, overnight rides throughout the year. We get as many as 400 such rides every year. It is an introduction to the possibilities of leisure riding. And of course, it is a personal introduction to our product. For us, it works beautifully.

3. How do you see the youth in smaller towns and rural vis-à-vis in metro. How important are they and how are you as a marketer looking at them?
For us the answer is clear. No difference. Equally important. Same approach. Let’s go on a ride. The rides take you far away from the concrete jungles of our Metros anyway.

4. How do you see today’s youth? Tell us in less than or in 148 characters.
The Pride and Future of India

5. Your favorite youth brand.
Royal Enfield

6. Your favorite Youth Icon
Is MS Dhoni too old for that?

7. Your favorite book or portal on youth
Latest obsession on a book: Great by Choice by Jim Collins

8. Your favorite campaign of youth brand (excluding own brand)

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