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    Dhara spices up health route with new marketing campaign

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    Running into its twenty-fifth year, Dhara, the edible oil brand, has renewed its positioning for the health conscious consumer who has become increasingly demanding as far as food categories are concerned. The brand, which for long, harped on the ‘purity’ plank has moved to offering guilt-free healthy options in terms of the different variants of…

  • Nikhil Sharma, Director - Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India

    Kids these days don’t want to be kids: Nikhil Sharma

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    From a wide array of kid-centric goodies to clutter-breaking creatives, Perfetti Van Melle has managed to maintain brand recall among a highly fickle minded kids’ segment.  Pitch speaks with Nikhil Sharma, Marketing Director, PVMI, to know his views on marketing to kids. Excerpts: Can we have one strategy for kids in the age of 4-14,…

  • Deepak Bhatt, Founder, Global Management

    Brands without brand ambassadors

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    “Tamil actor Vikram is now the brand Ambassador for Parle-G.” “Asin the new brand ambassador of Lux.” “Ranbir Kapoor is Nokia’s brand ambassador.” “Shah Rukh Khan, new brand ambassador for Pepsodent.” What role does a brand ambassador play in branding of a product? Brand ambassadors are like celebrities from the outside world to laymen urging…

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    Are marketers levereraging new media effectively?

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    Facebook, Youtube, E-commerce – unknown entities at the turn of the century, have today become an integral part of many lives. As for marketers, the social media has emerged as a means to communicate with their end consumers. But, are marketers using this medium effectively to disseminate information about their product to their target audience?…

  • (L-R) Nitin Mathur, Walter Vieira, Piyush Pandey, Prakash Nedungadi and Ravi Vora
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    Future of advertising is in managing experiences

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    ‘Consumer is the king’ is an old paradigm, and so is the thought ‘Brands manage customers’, said Prakash Nedungadi, Group Head-Consumer Insights and Brand Development, Aditya Birla Group, at the panel discussion ‘Future of advertising – Managing Customer Experiences’ at the Twelfth CII Marketing Summit 2012 in Mumbai. Nendungadi said that that traditional model of…

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    Is neuro marketing a new tool for marketers?

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    Neuroscience can be defined as “the study of the human nervous system, the brain and the biological basis of consciousness, perception, memory and learning.” Marketing guru, Philip Kotler defines marketing as “the set of human activities directed at facilitating and consummating exchanges.” At first glance, there seems to be no co-relation between these two streams.That…

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