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From colourful panda advertisements to adults leaping to cover extra candy, Cadbury Gems surely has widened its target group with the ‘Raho Umarless’ and ‘No Umar for Lalach’ commercials. The series of colorful panda commercials projected that the candy can bring colour to the lives of those who consume it and in 2009 the launch of the advertisement ‘Rangeen Panda Ki Rangeen Pasand’ showcased the youthfulness and childlike behavior attached to the candy. In the recent few months Cadbury Gems has been extending its reach to not only young consumers but also mature adults. The new commercial that features a man walking into a museum and pulling out his favourite colour candy from a sculpture made of just gems, results in the destruction of the sculpture but the bliss behind consuming his favourite gems underlines the youthfulness in adults.

“It is not only a product for kids but also for adults, Cadbury is trying to bring in this very mindset,” says Harish Bijoor, Brand Strategist and CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults. Gems needs volume and volume can be only sold if it caters to a wide segment of the population regardless of age. The current TV commercial he says is not very efficient as the message is not very well portrayed. He adds, “If it wants to capture the adults it needs to target them in a different way that relates to them, for example it can have a commercial showing people in a boardroom having gems.”

Harish Bijoor, CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults

Harish Bijoor, CEO, Harish Bijoor Consults

Candy is not only consumed by kids but also by adults and that is what Gems is trying to portray, Cadbury Dairy Milk does it differently and Gems is doing it differently, but both are now focusing on the adult consumer aspect of the chocolate industry that indulgence can also be enjoyed by adults. The ‘Raho Umarless’ commercial brings ageless appeal to the offering that Cadbury has.

Anand Kumar Jaiswal, Professor of Marketing IIM Ahmadabad, has a different story to tell, he says that it is a natural progression in the life cycle of any brand, it starts off as a small brand having a specific target group to cater to, the brand has a set ideology with the product offering, when the brand thinks of expanding it takes the help of the ideology and not the product.

Anand Jaiswal, Professor Marketing, IIM Ahmadabad

Anand Jaiswal, Professor Marketing, IIM Ahmadabad

“If a product knows that it is tied to one target category then it is difficult for it to grow and expand, but if it is linked to an idea it can thrive, for example a peanut butter company has a low market but when it is linked with ‘mother’s love’ it gains momentum as the concept of ‘mother’s love’ is recognised by everyone, and becomes a symbolic figure,” Jaiswal adds.

The only challenge that Gems can face is that for years it has been linked to kids as a segment and now that they are thinking of expanding their age category, it might pose a potential problem. From the company’s point of view it is economically logical. According to experts a brand is based on an ideology which can give the brand the flexibility and wriggle room to expand to different segments and products later. This is exactly what Gems may be trying to do.

“Insights reveal that Cadbury Gems has a strong connect with both kids and adults. The brand deeply resonates with child-like freedom. Our new campaign ‘Raho Umarless’ appeals to our consumers and encourages adults to be child-like and enjoy being ageless,” says Chandramouli Venkatesan, Director, Snacking & Strategy, Cadbury India.  Cadbury Gems holds 7.3 per cent market share in the chocolate category (As per Nielsen data for May 2012).

Chocolate has not only been there for kids but for everyone, be it in any form or shape or size. One thing about that the commercial does well is to grab attention of the consumer. It is reflective of the behavior that adults can relate to through the advertisement, which is the greed of consuming candy, an evergreen phenomenon cutting across all age groups.

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