Spark a Trend: Sony to spend Rs 90 crore on Vaio marketing

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With new product launches, a wider distribution network, and fresh marketing initiatives, Sony India is going all out and pursuing aggressive expansion plans for its Vaio range of laptops, with an eye on further consolidating its position in the notebooks market. To meet its ambitious targets of selling 6.5 lakh Vaio units and an expected 25 per cent sales contribution to Sony’s overall sales this year, Sony will be investing Rs 90 crore towards Vaio’s marketing in ATL and BTL activities this year.

The first move in this regard will be the ‘Spark a Trend’ multimedia campaign, which will be on air from the end of June till August, 2012.

As per the figures released by the company and the research findings of IDC (International Data Corporation), 2011 was a record year for Sony Vaio, having emerged as the market leader in the consumer notebook market for the first time, on account of its sale of 5,00,000 Vaio units and a 20 per cent market share in the third quarter. The company also claims to be one of the fastest growing laptop brands in India with a 100 per cent growth rate as compared to the industry average of 25 per cent.

Sachin Thapar, Head, IT & Mobile Division, Sony India

Sachin Thapar, Head, IT & Mobile Division, Sony India

According to Sony, the latest campaign is a progression of the ‘More Color. More Style’ campaign and will be focusing on communicating the design sensibilities and fashion appeal of its new range. “Vaio has a very distinctive brand image as colorful, fashion, trend setter, young, and fun which has been working to our advantage, and we think ‘Spark a Trend’ campaign will enhance this brand image even further,” says Sachin Thapar, Head, IT & Mobile Division, Sony India

The multimedia brand campaign will follow a 360-degree approach and leverage television and print commercial, cinema, outdoor, shop-front, and web activities.

With most technology brands indulging in celebrity-led marketing campaigns, how has Sony Vaio benefited from its association with Kareena Kapoor, who has been the face of Vaio since 2009? Thapar tells Pitch that Kareena led Vaio campaigns have worked favourably for the brand. He goes on to say that the sales of its laptops doubled during the ‘Size Zero’ campaign, ‘Go Vivid’ campaign and ‘More Colour. More Style’ campaign, which were launched in 2009, 2010, and 2011 respectively.

Commenting on the brand synergy between Kareena and Vaio, he adds, “Being one of the most widely followed youth-icons, Kareena matches the level of energy, vibrancy, passion and fun associated with Vaio, and thereby elevates the aspirational value of the brand.”

To achieve its ambitious sales targets, the company will be adding 500 more channel counters and 15 new exclusive Vaio flagship stores this year, taking the total number to 4,500 and 50 respectively. In a first of sorts for Vaio, the laptop brand will also be introducing on-site support for all new Vaio models, in select cities across the country from July onwards.

In terms of an expansion of the product portfolio, the laptop brand has launched its first Ultrabook, Vaio T, along with a new model of notebooks, with a starting price range of Rs 45,990 for the Ultrabook and Rs 55,990 for the notebooks.

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