Magazine Special 2012: Column: An extensive ad life

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Santosh Nema, President, HSIL Ltd

Market demands for products – utility, luxury or otherwise though share a symbiotic relationship with the economic environment of the country and will rise and fall with times; one cannot deny the importance of communication whatever be the situation.  After all, business sustenance cannot leave bottom lines to imagination, so communication is the solution and necessary.  Now, how brands choose to communicate and which  medium is a best fit for it, depends on the product and the audience it is for.

Under circumstances, magazine advertising can play an important role in the overall marketing mix of a company. At ‘Hindware’ our target audience lies across the strata of the society, users and professionals alike, which is why the magazine medium is a vital component in our marketing communication mix. Across genres, architecture, design, lifestyle, home décor, interior design and even magazines devoted only about bath products, we spend roughly 40-60 per cent of our ad revenues into print advertising, specifically in magazines.

This medium gives us the ability to reach out to our various stakeholders, since magazines have defined readership base allowing us to bifurcate and focus on specific market niches and groups. Their relatively long shelf-life, stretching from a week to bi-monthly issues ensures an extensive ad life, benefits in showcasing our ‘utility’ products with exceptional clarity and dimension since the excellent picture reproduction quality and the paper is far superior to newsprints and ensures simplicity in message delivery.

We at ‘Hindware’ also use this medium as our dealer network criss-crosses across the length and breadth of the country, so is our customer base speaking different languages and reading diverse magazines. The many regional and national magazines have immense potential as an advertising vehicle despite the onset of the internet and social media coming into the fore. Every media vehicle comes with its pros and cons but when the pros exceed the cons, the medium becomes more viable. However, as stated in the beginning, this may not be true across all brands, but for ‘Hindware’ with its extensive brand portfolio and product offering the magazine mediums meets our objectives and generate the benefits in comparison to other mediums.

Summing up the advantages of the magazine medium:

  • Specific Target Audience: Thus wastage of resources is reduced as ads get to reach the targeted audience.
  • Loyal Readership Base: As over time magazines create a credible pool of loyal readers, it adds to the brands recall and a sense of reliability.
  • Special Ad Positioning: A major advantage in magazine advertising and commercially effective
  • Long Life Span: As compared to a newspaper
  • High Reach Prospective: Is another advantage magazines share, since they get passed from family to friends to customers to colleagues and so on.
  • Glossy Ads: Unlike newspaper advertising, magazine advertising gives great scope to showcase products in a trendy and eye catching setting and the quality of paper adds its sheen too.

The more familiar buyers are with a brand, the more likely they would buy it, thus at ‘Hindware’ we will continue to take advantage of the special USP that this medium provides.

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