Magazine Special 2012: CMO Perspective: Magazine advertising helps us create awareness over a period of time

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Suvodeep Das, Marketing Head, Kaya Skin Clinic

How has Kaya utilised magazines for advertising?
Kaya Skin Clinic uses magazines as a medium to build relevance & create awareness about the brand as well the services and products we offer. We also leverage specific occasion and segment-based issues like bridal and wedding, skin-care/ anti-ageing, etc to generate awareness about the brand’s offerings in these spaces. Lifestyle magazine editors and Beauty editors at these magazines, are also key influencers when it comes to our TG. We engage with them by offering experiences of our services and products. Their personal review helps us further enhance the brand’s credibility.

Which genres of magazines does Kaya usually go with?
We advertise in fashion and lifestyle magazines. We sometimes engage with key trade magazines that reach out to dermatologists.

Why does it make sense for Kaya to advertise with magazines rather than newspapers or any other media?
We do advertise across various other media. Newspapers are for immediate impact whereas magazine advertising helps us create education and awareness over a period of time, as magazines are a higher-involvement medium and have a greater shelf life. This helps us run campaigns where we need to educate consumers on specific services and products over a period of time.

What percentage of your ad revenues goes to magazines?
Approximately 10 per cent – 15 per cent of our advertising spends goes to magazine advertising.

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