Magazine Special 2012: Publishers’ Perspective: Ads in magazines cannot be missed out

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Anant Nath, Director, Delhi Press

On ad growth in 2011 2012
Our ad revenues in 2012, so far have been flat as compared to 2011.

On how magazines can be engaging
The great strength of magazines lie in building engaged communities of readers who place immense trust and faith in the editorial philosophy of a magazine. As compared to other forms of mass media, magazines by their very nature filter audiences from the larger masses in order to build smaller, more engaged, better involved, and highly trusting audiences. Even the most general interest magazines does so when compared with a newspaper or television channel. Here lies the great strength of magazines with respect to advertising. After spending considerable resources, in terms of editorial ideation, understanding readers’ unarticulated needs, a magazine allows advertisers access to their loyal audiences, however small or large they may be. When placed in a magazine, the advertisers communication gets all the advantages of an uninterrupted, non-intrusive, and repeated exposure, as the readers consume the magazine in a relaxed state of mind over a number of sessions.

Unlike in newspapers or TV, where there is a good chance that viewers might miss a specific ad, either because of a rushed morning in case of newspapers,  there is no such omission of exposure in case of magazines.

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