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    Vritti i-Media sings new tunes for brands beyond metros

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    Public Announcement Systems (PA systems) are no more the muse of politicians alone, during their electoral canvassing. In fact the media has transformed into an effective audio advertising and marketing tool, especially for brands targeting tier 2 & 3 cities and rural markets. Vritti i-Media, the media business arm of Vritti Solutions, supports brands such…

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    Orient fans out wings to enter Indian kitchens

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    Orient Fans has forayed into the home appliances market with a range of kitchen appliances, air cooling solutions, and water heating solutions under the brand name of ‘Orient Actus’. One of the well established brands in the fans and lighting business, Orient’s decision to expand its product portfolio is based on the increase in disposable…

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    Bharti Walmart sweetens portfolio: launches beverages

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    In a bid to titillate the Indian taste buds, Bharti Walmart has launched a varied range of ready-to-drink fruit based beverages under its Great Value brand. This is Bharti Walmart’s first step into the fiercely competitive beverage segment in India. The 50:50 cash and carry joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and Walmart Stores has been…

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    ‘IPL seamlessly fits the sporty image of Garnier MEN’

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    Cricket tournaments have always been an important media platform for marketers targeting male consumers. In this season of IPL, men personal care brand Garnier MEN is trying to lure male consumers by associating itself with their favourite sport. The brand has associated with the Rajasthan Royals team as their official grooming partner. Additionally, this is…

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    Vespa back on duty: targets premium segment

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    The Italian brand Piaggio has launched its scooter Vespa LX 125 in India. This will be the first such venture of Piaggio in India without a local partner. The scooter is priced at Rs 66,661 ex-showroom price Maharashtra positioned at the premium end of the market. The scooter is currently available at 50 showrooms across…

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    Automobile market gives thumbs down to IPL5

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    Falling TV ratings and cautious advertisers have been key characteristics of the ongoing season of IPL. While on one hand categories like telecom and beverages have been very enthusiastic on the use of this media platform, there are others like automobiles and consumer durables which are shying away from it. Pitchonnet.com probed further on how…

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    Yahoo targets new-to-net users on DataWind’s tablet

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    The Indian tablet market is seeing a flurry of low cost tablets especially targeting the education sector. The latest one to join the race is DataWind’s Ubislate7 +, which is slated to launch some time soon. To make its offering more relevant to the end consumer, the Android based tablet has joined hands with Yahoo…

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    IPL is maturing: Shubha George

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    IPL’s fifth season has been on for three weeks now and so far the TV ratings and marketers’ enthusiasm both have been lower than previous seasons. But many feel there is nothing to worry, IPL is just maturing like any other sports event. In the beginning of this season, media agency MEC has come up…

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    ‘Hidesign brings back romance of the “Orient Express” travel’

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    The Indian travel luggage segment is experiencing a lot of action that has transformed boring travel gear into trendy travel wear. Hidesign India, too, is looking at the luxury category aggressively by launching a slew of products in the category. Pitchonnet tries to find out from Dilip Kapur, Founder & President, Hidesign India, the company’s…

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    Sony India takes a ‘shot’ at compact camera market

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    For Sony, India is among the five largest markets for the company, contributing to 5 per cent of its total global revenue. In order to further strengthen its presence in the country, Sony India launched 34 new Cybershot models in the digital still camera category. The company is eyeing 45 per cent market share (volumes)…