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    Polo now a part of IPL

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    Riding on the IPL wave, German auto-maker Volkswagen India, has launched special IPL editions of its top selling models Vento and Polo. The IPL Edition II of the Volkswagen Polo and Vento will be available in the top variants of both cars sporting additional features, at no extra cost. For cricket aficionados the cars come…

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    Branded silver jewellery? My foot!

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    All that glitters may not just be gold any more. With the complete exemption of excise duty on branded silver jewellery, announced by India’s Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the Budget 2012, the white metal may eventually see some shine. Or won’t it? A new silver lining? The proposal in the Union Budget, may open…

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    An open Nano letter to Mr Tata and Mr Mistry

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    Dear Sirs, Thanks a lot for giving us the Nano 2012. It’s claimed to be a better version of the former – technically, aesthetically, and functionally. This new avatar has not been tagged as ‘the common man’s car’ or ‘the Rs 1 lakh car’, sobriquets very endearingly attached to its former version and thereby creating…

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    Denizen ‘explores’ new consumer set through ‘reality’

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    In an attempt to engage consumers through the digital route, Denizen, the denim brand has announced its Global Reality Digital Campaign – ‘We are Explorers’. Largely focused on the Asian market, six young adults have been chosen from countries where Denizen clothes for youth can be purchased, specifically -  China, India, Mexico, Pakistan and Singapore….

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    LinkedIn event in pursuit of B2B marketers

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    Professional networking site LinkedIn India, is hoping to attract a new set of audience – the B2B marketers. Hoping to promote the role of digital and social media as a potential tool to enhance B2B marketing, the specialised networking site is organising B2B Connect 2012, in Mumbai, next month. According to an official release, the…

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    Brand communication: Get real

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    Sanjeet Ahluwalia swapped his drive with Ford Figo. As he tweeted and shared his experiences on Facebook, a non-celebrity became the face of the brand. It isn’t just Ford that is experimenting with this trend; brands such as Lenovo, TATA Steel, Denizen and Hero Motocorp are also redefining brand communication by incorporating real people. With…

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    Is KFC’s emotional route ‘So Good’?

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    Yum! Brand’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain KFC has taken its branding efforts one level up, attempting to establish an emotional connect with consumers with its new campaign ‘So Good’. Prior to this, the brand’s marketing revolved around taste with its positioning of ‘Finger Licking Good’ and price with its ‘Streetwise’ range. As a market…

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    Punch! Exclaims Micromax

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    Micromax Informatics, the third largest handset seller in India, unveiled its new logo yesterday, during the India vs Pakistan cricket match, a part of the Asia Cup, held in Mirpur, in Bangladesh. Micromax is the title sponsor of the series. The new logo takes the brand name’s lead letter ‘M’, as a punch, and was…

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    Coca-Cola spreads happiness with ‘Ton’dulkar gold can

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    To commemorate Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th century, Coca-Cola India has unveiled a limited edition Golden Can, featuring Tendulkar’s picture along with statistics of his selected 10 centuries. Tendulkar is Coca-Cola’s “Happiness” ambassador, and nine cans in different colours, featuring his different centuries had already been unveiled in 2011. The 10th can had been held back till…

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    The simmering war of cooling brands!

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    With the sweaty and sultry summers all set to arrive, beverage marketers are also rolling up their sleeves to lure the consumers. And this time, Bollywood seems to be the flavour of the season for this category. Sprinkling stardust There is an evergreen charm to celebrity endorsements as they never run out of vogue for…