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In order to maintain its brand consistency and streamline operations, Jet Airways merged its two low cost airline brands under one name – JetKonnect.

Jet Airways Konnect and JetLite till now were running as two separate entities but the brand propositions for the two were more or less similar, which was to offer a choice of low-fare service to consumers. Thus, for successful brand management and enhanced consumer recall, Jet consolidated the two businesses into one single brand, as part of a strategic rebranding exercise. Experts feel it is the right time to make such a move, as the brand can reinforce its brand value and promise in the event of Kingfisher airlines going through a rough patch.

According to a brand expert, who did not wished to be named, “Consumers constantly seek reliability in any brand and Kingfisher has lost out in that aspect. The mismanagement and uncertainty of its future has paved a way for other players to fill that gap and fortify consumer connect in a more coherent manner. Hence, Kingfisher’s loss may become Jet’s gain.”

The company further looks into strengthening its brand consistency making JetKonnect a dedicated low fare service with a mixed fleet of Boeings and ATR aircraft to operate on metro, tier II and III routes. This will simplify transactions for consumers as well. Sudheer Raghavan, Chief Commercial Officer, Jet Airways, explains Jet’s strategy further, “The decision was made to streamline our product portfolio and offer our guests a single superior in-flight product in the full service and low fare categories respectively, drawing synergies from the Jet Airways mother brand.”

However, Jet Airways and JetLite will continue as distinct business entities operating under their own airline operating permits.

The rebranding exercise will be a gradual one with the aircrafts being duly painted in JetKonnect  colours over time. JetKonnect will also premiere services on certain routes where guests may enjoy service identical to that enjoyed by premiere guests on Jet Airways. This will be further expanded in a phased manner. The cockpit and cabin crew will don the same uniform as their counterparts from Jet Airways. Some JetKonnect flights will operate under the S2 code, while others will have flight numbers prefixed by the 9W code. 9W and S2 will also continue their existing Codeshare agreement to simplify things for consumers.

The new logo will be manifest on letterheads, JetKonnect website, boarding passes, tickets, stationery gradually. Signages at all check-in and ticketing counters will have dual branding reflecting the existing Jet Airways and the new JetKonnect logos. Difference in fares between the premier Jet Airways and JetKonnect will also be reflected on the website and all visible communication avenues.  Economy guests onboard JetKonnect flights will continue to be offered a range of refreshments from Jet Cafe, JetKonnect’s buy-on-board meal service.

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