LinkedIn event in pursuit of B2B marketers

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Professional networking site LinkedIn India, is hoping to attract a new set of audience – the B2B marketers. Hoping to promote the role of digital and social media as a potential tool to enhance B2B marketing, the specialised networking site is organising B2B Connect 2012, in Mumbai, next month.

According to an official release, the event is likely to have eminent speakers like Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn, marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, Arvind Rajan, Managing Director & Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan – LinkedIn, Future Brands’ CEO Santosh Desai, Microsoft South East Asia’s Simon Mouyal and Philips’ Korstiaan van Wyngaarden.

Announcing the launch of B2B Connect 2012, Hari V Krishnan, Country Manager, LinkedIn India, said, “Indian B2B marketers are finding that their traditional channels aren’t scaling or providing the measurability they desire. At B2B Connect 2012, we aim to bring together some of the best minds from across the globe to share their knowledge and expertise on how B2B brands can capitalise on the digital medium.”

According to the release, LinkedIn, currently, has 1.4 crore members from India. Meanwhile, the global membership number, it says is around 15 crore. According to the company, 57 per cent of these Indians are business decision makers, making the brand a preferred channel for marketers. Hence, the swelling numbers have prompted the company to start this initiative. Dhiman Mukherji, Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India, says, “Indian brands have successfully leveraged the power of the LinkedIn professional network to reach an audience comprising of highly educated individuals in decision making capacities. At LinkedIn we provide marketers access to a product suite that caters to not only their short term tactical needs, but also long term strategic objectives.”

According to LinkedIn, its potent member base comes from companies such as CISCO India, SAP India, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Polycom and Trend Micro that provide opportunity to engage the right audience. In addition, the company saw 14.9 crore business leads in 2011, driven on its platform as it claims to provide a host of customisable solutions for its members.

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