Move over flash mobs; tweetmob is here

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Vying to mobilise support for its new Mirinda flavours – Orange Mango and Orange Masala, PepsiCo, launched the #breathless campaign on Twitter, a strategy, which the company calls as Tweetmob.

As a part of the campaign, that went live on February 14, @MirindaIndia, the Twitter handle for Mirinda asked users to comment on the #breathless theme. According to an official release, there were a total of 2,220 tweets within nine hours and @MirindaIndia gained 200 followers in just three days. This is the first time Mirinda used Twitter in India to create conversation with its consumers and online influencers.

The comment/tweet that was retweeted a maximum number of times won a smartphone worth Rs. 8,000.

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