Absolut visits fairs to target youth

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In an experiential marketing initiative, Absolut, the vodka brand is engaging the youth through music at fairs.

Using India Art Fair as a platform, Pernod Ricard India, the company that sells the brand in India, installed 10 Absolut labelled bottles that triggered quintessential Indian sounds, each time a person walked within the range.

The idea was conceptualised by SapientNitro, an integrated marketing services agency.

The agency used ultra-sonic range sensors and monaural speakers to trigger the sounds of monsoon, Bollywood, love and bazaar among others.

According to Sohini Pani, Director, Marketing Services, SapientNitro India, the fair was chosen strategically to target the youth. She pointed out that there were a number of college and university students who were visiting the fair. “They might not be interested in art but they are here for an experience and we hope to give that to them,” she said.

Meanwhile,  Pernod Ricard India is also looking beyond fairs to take the concept forward. Bikram Basu, Vice President, Marketing, Pernod Ricard India told Pitch, “We want to take it to other public display areas, like maybe the airport or some spaces where it can be experienced by people.”

The installation at the fair was part of the larger Absolut India Project that focuses on sound based experiences.

Experience it here:

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