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    November 2011

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    “India is a hub for small cars”

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    In a candid chat with Ruchika Kumar of Pitch, Nigel Wark talks about key marketing strategies for Ford India. Excerpts: What are some of your key learnings from your postings in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and India? That the customer actually knows best. Today marketers cannot force the customer to do things that they do…

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    Shock and Awe

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    It’s a ‘not so swanky’ office – yet is appealing – at Level 4 of the Maxity Building in Bandra East (Mumbai), from where came some of the biggest marketing ideas that India Inc. has seen in the last two and a half years’ time. Looking at the smiling German across the table, I realise…

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    Wark: Australian for success

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    Nigel Wark is smitten by the diversity of India – the number of languages, the complexity of culture, religion, the festivities associated with the latter and consequently the number of auspicious days. While personally, this diversity humbles Wark, at the same time, donning the role of  an Executive Director, Marketing, Sales and Service for an…

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    A Fresh Outlook

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    A marketers job goes beyond understanding consumer behaviour and to some extent involves an understanding of anthropology too, which makes his job that much difficult. Can someone from outside come and understand the local sensibilities better, particularly when you are challenged with the knowledge of the local language? Here are two expats – Nigel Wark …

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    “FMCG offers huge opportunities”

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    In an exclusive interview with Ashish Jha of Pitch, Pradeep Kashyap shares his insights into the key opportunities  and challenges in rural and small town markets in India. How consumer behaviour has changed in small towns and rural markets over past 10 years? The rich and middle class rural and small town consumers now have…

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    The changing ‘Bharat’

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    In its second edition, the title ‘Rural Marketing’ authored by Pradeep Kashyap, CEO and Founder, MART, captures the changing trends and reflects on latest marketing initiatives in rural markets. Exploring new dimensions of rural marketing, the new edition comes with two added chapters on ‘Rural Services Marketing’ and ‘Marketing in Small Towns’.  Excerpts from the…

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    SEC: Fair division finally?

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    While the marketers in India can heave a sigh of relief now, the country’s booming small towns and villages also have a cause to cheer.  This is due to the new simpler socio-economic classification (SEC) revealed recently by the Media Research Users’ Council (MRUC) and Market Research Society of India (MRSI). The new SEC will…

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    Frozen foods: The melting point

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    I want it easy and I want it quick’. Today, the urban consumer swears by this motto and is constantly on a look-out for options on the same line of thought. A category that seems to be getting all the attention from ‘on-the-move consumer’ is the ready to serve frozen food category. The category, which…