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    Pitch CMO Summit 2010 : Case Study – Wagon R

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    Shifting Gears Brand:  Wagon R Case Study: Repositioning to stay relevant        to an evolving audience Presented by: Shashank Srivastava,  Chief General  Manager, Marketing,  Maruti Suzuki   The challenge Threat from competition With increasing competition Maruti Suzuki’s leadership position was threatened with the successful entry of the Korean auto-brand Hyundai (in 1998) in India….


    Pitch CMO Summit 2010 : Case Study – Aditya Birla Financial Services Group

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    The Power of One Brand: Aditya Birla Financial Services Group Case Study: Bringing all financial services under  one umbrella Presented by: Ajay Kakar, CMO, Aditya Birla Financial Services Group               The challenge Confusion and fear The Indian financial consumer is a simpleton and prefers to have simple solutions when…

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    Pitch CMO Summit 2010 : Case Study – Micromax

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    Never say late! Brand: Micromax Case Study: Bring ‘wow’ factor in a  cluttered category Presented by: Prateek Seal, Marketing Head, Micromax       The challenge Wrestling with the biggies The challenge for Micromax was to establish a new Indian handset brand in a cluttered market, which was dominated by international biggies. At the same…

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    PMMAO 2010 Cinema Review: Wrecked!

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    The year 2009 for Indian Cinema concludes with the troubled Bollywood taking cues from the latest blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’ and humming “All is well” as advertising on the medium dipped to a dismal low. “The year 2009 was not a good one for the Bollywood as the industry produced mostly low-quality films which struggled to…

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    PMMAO 2010 Review Outdoor : The clean slates

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    The third largest traditional media format, with 6.1 per cent share in the national ad pie of Rs 18,670, the outdoor industry has met the projections made in the mid-term review of the Pitch-Madison Media Advertising Outlook. However, as compared to 2008 when the ad revenue for the outdoor industry stood at Rs 1,419, the…

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    PMMAO 2010 Internet Review – Happily clicking away

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    The virtual world has braved the real world downturn blows in the smartest way. While other mediums either crawled or took a step back, all through the year 2009, internet emerged as the fastest growing advertising medium for the second consecutive year with its evolving character luring more and more players and users to the…

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    PMMAO 2010 Review: Radio – Skipping a beat

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    The radio medium did not play a happy song in 2009. Pegged to be a lukewarm year for the audio medium, the year turned out to be much quieter than expected. The medium earned a total advertising revenue of Rs 681 crore in 2009, up from Rs 662 crore in 2008. Of the total ad…


    PMMAO 2010 Cinema Outlook: Craving for sunshine

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    That the worst is over is what industry players in Indian cinema anticipate for 2010. After a nightmarish 2009, experts feel that this year will bring some sunshine to the industry as the success of ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Paa’ in the transition of 2009-10 kept the box-office rolling. The same sentiment is reflected in our…

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    PMMAO 2010 Internet Outlook: On hyper Line

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    The Pitch-Madison Advertising Outlook 2010 presents an encouraging sight for internet. Online advertising will lead the path of recovery for media this year. It projects internet to be the fastest growing medium for the third consecutive year. With a projected growth of 50 per cent, internet is expected to fetch a staggering Rs 680 crore,…