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    Ad Outlook 2009 Mid-Term Review Internet : Faster downloads

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    The Internet has been a  fascinating medium for many advertisers since broadband became more pocket-friendly. But still this medium remains largely unexplored despite the fact that it has the potential of not only adding to the advertising edifice but is also a force of change for many brands. Maintaining its growth curve in the times…

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    Ad Outlook 2009 Mid-Term Review Cinema: A flop show

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    Though a budding advertising tool for the already existing and rapidly increasing sphere of media vehicles like print, television, radio, the Internet etc, the cinema is yet to get its rightful place under the sun as it walks the lonely road of the advertising industry. Closing the last year with a few hits like Rab…

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    Ad Outlook 2009 Mid-Term Review Outdoor : Almost Blacked out

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    Outdoor has been a key tool for many mass marketers in the past but it no longer seems so. The various outdoor formats like traditional OOH, digital/ retail media and airports/metro advertising are highly dependent on the performance of key advertisers like retailers, real estate developers, airlines,  and also FIIs, which constitute a considerable amount…

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    Ad Outlook 2009 Mid-Term Review Radio: Tuning for better times

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    As diminishing ad revenues had many a media company, especially the big daddies of the industry such as the print, taking a severe hit on their revenues which forced them to down shutters on many of their regional offices, lay off employees and even search for government and investor bailouts, the radio industry seems to…

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    Ad Outlook 2009 Mid-Term Review Television : Eecovery in sight

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    As the famous English film director Alfred Hitchcock once said, “television is like the American toaster, you push the button and the same thing pops up every time.” It might have remained so for long, but the trends have changed now. The apparent experimentation going on in terms of the content has proved effective especially…

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    Ad Outlook 2009 Mid -Term Review Print : Dismal h1, Better h2

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    If the ongoing slowdown, which began in the second half of the past fiscal, had left the print industry in its throes since the third quarter of 2008, speculations were rife that 2009 would be a tougher year—a thought seconded by the Pitch-Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2009 released in January, which had predicted a flat…

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    Ad Outlook 2009 Mid -Term Review Introduction : Is the worst over?

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    In December 2008 and January 2009, when teams from Madison Media and Pitch Magazine began working on the sixth edition of the annual industry benchmarking study– Advertising Outlook 2009—we’re faced with an unprecedented scenario. For the past five years and until the Q3 of 2008, the advertising and media industry was growing at a furious…