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    PMMAO 2009 Outlook Cinema : A complete black-out

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    If 2008 was bad for the medium, 2009 is going to be worse, says the Pitch-Madison Ad Outlook 2009, which predicts a negative five percent growth in ad spends at Rs 123 crore from Rs 129 crore it netted in 2008. And the reasons are not hard to find: Already reeling under the pressures of…

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    PMMAO 2009 Outlook Outdoor : Rainy days to continue

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    The ongoing slowdown has certainly impacted sentiments across various media platforms right from print to television to outdoor, as marketers tighten their purse-strings. But the sluggishness has permeated down to OOH in a much deeper manner. Owing to lack of proper accountability and measurability, outdoor has been among the worst hit media with the industry…

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    PMMAO 2009 Outlook Radio : Muffled music

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    Reflecting the slowdown in the rest of the media industry, the Pitch Madison Advertising Outlook 2009 says the radio medium will continue to grow, albeit at a much slower pace of 15 percent, against the last year’s stupendous 38 percent growth, to rake in Rs 762 crore in advertising revenues, up from the Rs 662-crore…

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    PMMAO 2009 Outlook Television : Time for Toug her Measures

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    For the small screen, the last year has been one of fair performance and the industry would like to maintain the same strike rate but a number of factors led by the global economic meltdown are proving to be serious obstacles for the industry’s growth momentum. Based on the projections of the Pitch-Madison Media Ad…

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    PMMAO 2009 Outlook Print : Evil Nine

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    As it is already transpired, 2008 didn’t perform to  meet the expectations. Worse, the coming year also presents a bleak outlook with the Pitch-Madison media projections pegging print media’s growth at best at zero. The fact that print will bear the maximum brunt of the tightening media spends in the coming year comes as major…

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    PMMAO 2009: Print Review: Riding bad times

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    Public Relations, a subset of marketing communication, is becoming increasingly important these days, especially as advertising space gets more and more cluttered. PR came of age during the last decade when the need for companies and brands to build a strong relationship across multiple stakeholder groups began to go up increasingly. PR has become a…

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    PMMAO 2009 Outlook 2010 Introduction : Bleak Outlook

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    If the previous pages have had a dose of bad news, then these pages are full of worse news. If the severe deceleration in ad spends that began in November and December 2008, which got only accelerated in the first few weeks of 2009, is any indication, then the immediate prospects of the advertising and…

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    PMMAO 2009 Cinema Review : Losing the sheen

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    In terms of box office results, 2008 was more or less similar to 2007, where we had 90 percent of Bollywood offerings failing the critical Friday litmus tests, is how the noted film critic Taran Adarsh takes stock of the year gone by when it comes to the cinema medium. No wonder, the cinemas failed…

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    PMMAO 2009 Review Internet : Clicking it Big

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    Over the past 12 months, the Internet has certainly established itself firmly amongst large advertisers in the country. It is no more a question of ‘Why to use the Internet’ but ‘How to use the Internet,’ says Google India business head for travel and local business Narsimha Jayakumar. Nothing perhaps better sums up the strides…