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    PMMAO 2008 Review Internet : Weaving a wider NET

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    Advertising dollars are raining for online companies which saw a successful year in 2007 netting in more youngsters and winning acceptance from the marketers across the domains. Everything seems to be on an upward swing for the online media that logged in a smart 52 percent growth to touch Rs 250 crore in ad revenues,…

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    PMMAO 2008 Review TV : Holding the ground

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    Overall, 2007 has been a very good year for the electronics media as its advertising revenues clocked a full 19 percent growth rate to cross the Rs 7,000-crore mark for the first time. According to the fifth edition of the Pitch-Madison Media Advertising Outlook Survey, the ad revenue of the television media touched Rs 7,110…

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    PMMAO 2008 Review Print : Continuing the growth streak

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    Leave the doomsayers of the West who had predicted its sudden death long ago to their own fate. The domestic print media remains profitable, even as new media platforms emerge stronger. And the fifth edition of the Pitch-Madison Media Advertising Outlook only reaffirms this. The print media, both dailies and periodicals, has continued to be…

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    PMMAO 2008 / REVIEW 2007 / CRICKET:

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    When it comes to cricket, nothing, not even a humiliating defeat by the minnows can keep the crazy Indians away from adoring the demigods of cricket and turn their faces away from a live match on their television sets for a while. Cricketers, boards and more importantly, the marketers know it. Hence, even the very…

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    PMMAO 2008 Review Retail Media : Hooking the shopper

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    The red-hot modern retail, though accounts for only  about four percent of the $200-billion domestic retail industry, it is poised for a big leap, given its 25-30 percent annual growth rate. If a KPMG report is any indication, it is bound to cross $23 billion by the end of the decade. In tandem with its…

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    PMMAO 2008 / REVIEW 2007 / PUBLIC RELATIONS : Polishing profiles for the better

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    The Pitch-Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2008 is an attempt to look at how the different media platforms gained or lost in their tussle for the share of advertisers money. Apart from media spending, a considerable amount of the total ad budget also goes to other significant platforms like public relations. To try and understand the…

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    PMMAO 2008 Review : Direct Marketing : Hitting the right Spot

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    The advertising industry has another cousin—direct marketing, but it does not take the popular mass media route to talk to its audience. Though relatively a new tool  in the domestic market and it is yet to become a force to reckon with, it has been making steady inroads into the marketer’s list and snatching a…

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    PMMAO 2008 / REVIEW 2007 / CINEMA : Of onscreen glitz and swanky multiplexes

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    Hits or flops, the films always remain a desired platform for marketers. Last year was also not different with cinema advertising faring well, though the there weren’t many blockbusters the box offices had to offer. On-screen advertising picked up further momentum as marketers know that it will always have a captive audience and the power…

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    PMMAO 2008 Review Radio : More Music to ears

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    The private FM radio industry, still in its nascent days, had a successful year in terms of advertising revenues if the figures in the Pitch-Madison Advertising Outlook 2008 are any indication. Clocking 68 per cent growth to corner Rs 480 crore in ad revenue from the previous year’s Rs 285 crore, this high-growth media emerged…