Review 2007 / Media Boom / Radio : FM mania spreads to small towns

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The radio industry saw a lot of growth in terms of increase in the number of radio stations, players, and popularity. The segment also witnessed satellite channels dabbling with the genre of the stations. The country’s first just-for-women station also came up in the year. But the biggest news that made headlines was the fact that radio saw the third phase of expansion into C-class towns. A total of 700 players more are set to gain licenses in the third phase, promising an interesting war for the air waves on the cards.

FM radio coverage is expected to spread from the current 15 percent to 60 percent of the population after the third phase. With the government nod, community radio has opened the floodgates for people’s participation in the radio movement.

Another  major development was the launch of a measurement system, that is in place for the print and television  media, radio also saw the emergence of a second player to measure the radio audience in TAM Media. RAM is a tie up between IMRB International and Nielsen Media Research. Presently radio constitutes a meager three percent of the total advertising pie and is on an upswing. Hence the industry felt the need of a new methodology, based on the radio diary method of listnership tracking, to understand the quantum of audience and act as a guide for the advertisers.

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