Review 2007 / Media Boom / Internet : New media on an overdrive

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Falguni Vasavada Oza, Associate Professor, Marketing, MICA

The year 2007 was special for the Internet which came into reckoning for the second time. The new media rebounded and did it well from the days of bubble burst at the beginning of the decade. And this time around, the classic media companies participated in building momentum. Whether it was launching a web site or revamping the existing portal, the domestic media companies went for everything.

The year 2007 also saw a departure from the subscription-based model of news websites. The trend was also to be seen internationally. Being the first media houses to go for a free to access website, NDTV set the tone for the trend. Following the suite was the Mint, the new business daily form the house of the Hindustan Times in partnership with the Wall Street Journal, which also made its debut in the physical form in the last year and moved away from the registration model. The India Today group also fell in the line by announcing that the content of India Today and Business Today would become available free in the online arena.

Other than this, the traditional media companies looked all set to leverage the synergies of new media to reach the audience. Media houses Benett Coleman and HT Media  also have plans to come out with M papers to cash in on the mobile telephony boom. Christened as TOIMobile and HTMobile, the papers are in the initial phases.

The Internet’s other main contribution to the media was that of the user generated content through blogs.  The domestic media industry also saw, for the first time, the audience participating in a live manner on issues that they were close to their hearts.


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