Review 2007- Marketing trends : India Inc goes Green

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With the heated debates and discussions picking up around the world on the shrinking natural resources and the global warming, many domestic companies have also chosen the green route. Be it the energy saving lamps, recycled bags or accessories, today’s marketers are nudging consumers into buying a wide range of products that are good for the planet and the environment.

The trend that picked up strength with Al Gore’s speech at the Cannes advertising festival last June was greeted well by the advertising and marketing gurus. And this trend found more takers in the domestic market which is riding on the wave of rising levels of disposable incomes in the urban centers and growing number of green customers. Wipro marketing head honcho Jessie Paul sees green marketing as an emerging trend that is all set to further gain strength in the coming times with more people getting sensitized with the whole idea. As a result of this, we see Philips coming out with energy efficient lighting solutions and campaigns to discourage the use of bulbs. Even a lot of care has been taken to improve energy efficiency in the office buildings that are now being constructed.

Lately Wipro has also launched Greenware, an eco-friendly range of products without a premium tag. Godrej Agrovet, too, has brought prices down on organic and exotic vegetables by 15-20 percent in the past few years to boost sales of organic produce. But, still the cost is a major deterrent. ‘Green products’ are slow to take off because of premium prices. As there is usually a difference of 10-15 percent in the prices of such products, people usually view it as an eye wash. And this has come as a major staggering point for the green products. But with more and more companies opting for green products and practices, and campaigns supporting this move, the trend is bound to gain strength in the not-so-distant future.

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